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Permitted Development  Bedford & Cambridge



What are Permitted Development Rights ?

Permitted Development rights allow you to alter or extend your property without applying for Planning Permission. You can extend to the rear and side of your property providing you build to a strict set of criteria

Below are a few key points, there are many rules regarding eaves and ridge height and distance from boundaries, stepped walls  etc.  for a more in depth guide take a look at our free ebrochure – Permitted Development


Rear Extensions

You can extend your property under permitted development from the “original “ rear wall ( as it stood at or prior to 1948)

Single storey rear extensions are allowed - up to 4m in depth for a detached house and the full width of the property and 3m in depth for a terraced and semi- detached house.

Double storey extensions are allowed up to 3m in depth for a detached , terraced or semi detached house and need to be at least 7m from the rear boundary.


Side Extensions  

Side extensions must be less than half of the width of the existing property but can be the full depth of the property.

The eaves height on a single storey extension should not exceed 3m and the ridge height 4m

Two storey side extensions are not allowed under Permitted Development

 * New rules allowing larger extensions under Permitted Development - find out more *


Do all properties have Permitted Development Rights


No – Flats and Maisonettes do not have any permitted development rights. If you live in a Conservation Area, a National Park , an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty your permitted development rights will be restricted. If your property is a listed building or has an Article 4 direction you will need to apply for planning permission for work which would normally be allowed under permitted development.  Your local authority may have removed your Permitted Development rights, this is quite common for recently built properties which are on small plots.

It is always worth investigating your properties Permitted Development rights as, surprisingly, you may be allowed to build something which would not be allowed under Planning Permission – for example if it contravenes the 45% rule or predominantly glass extension.

Building Regulations are always required and  any work will have to comply to various criteria.


Certificate of Lawful Development

We always advise applying for a Certificate of Lawful Development as this confirms that the building work is allowed under Permitted Development and it is useful to prove to neighbours that the building work is allowed. When selling your property a buyer's solicitor will also want confirmation that the extension is allowed and this certificate will allow you to do this, which can help avoid delays in the conveyancing process. 


If you would like any further information take a look at our Permitted Development brochure or Call 01234 376583 .




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